Why are Silicon Valley entrepreneurs making so much tech-related stuff while the world is dying of hunger and not due to the lack of anot…

Answer by Dan Holliday:

This is called a "false dilemma".  It frequently pops up in the dreamy kind of uneducated folks who think they have that one brilliant idea that'll fix the world.

The world is not "dying of hunger" — though there are certainly people in the third world that are dying of hunger.  They are doing so for lack of infrastructure, education and proper environmental management.  Any attempt to "give" that to the third world really doesn't measure up.  Handing people money never helps resolve their issues.  Their governments are broken and corrupt, there isn't proper infrastructure, education is a mess, only THEY can "fix" their broken government, or are you subscribing to some really popular idea that the rich nations of the world (lead by the US) should invade the third world and force "good government" on them?  Yeah. . . we know how this turns out. 

If the people in Silicon Valley stopped doing what they do (and any other industrial area), then the US and other nations would become third world.  The thing that differentiates the US and Japan from the third world is that these two nations (as examples) invent, have infrastructure, functioning government and educate people well.  So, if you are not subscribing that the third world should be invaded and occupied, then what you're essentially asking for is to rob from the rich and hand that wealth to the poor.  Or are you really positing the silliness that people with wealth should give it all away to the poor? 

If you took the money from Silicon Valley and gave it to the third world, you'd be stealing from people who create trillions of dollars in global economic surfeit.  They employ people who pay their mortgages, feed their kids and reinvest in the economy.  So your brilliant solution to the problem in the third world is to punish the US for being successful, rob the inventors of their creative energies and earnings and somehow send it to the third world.  So, you'd make the US poor, essentially.  Brilliant idea. 

The US being wealthy doesn't make the third world poor.  Making the US poor will not make the third world wealthy.

Why are Silicon Valley entrepreneurs making so much tech-related stuff while the world is dying of hunger and not due to the lack of anot…

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